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Sparkly Celestial Mommy and Me Outfits using Tulip Puffy Paint

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Hey Babes,

You know tie dye is my JAM and I just love tulip tie dye kits, the colors they put together are just perfection! There are so many options. I was soooo inspired by the Celestial tie dye set from @tulipcolorcrafts that I made Ella and I matching sets + some!

Celestial DIY Outfits Lauren Quigley Creations

I handpainted some denim, tie-dyed some shirts and a baby carrier, and glittered some shoes- ALL WITH TULIP for their influencer craft challenge! The best part was how excited Ella was about her outfit!

Celestial DIY Outfits Lauren Quigley Creations

What ya need:

Celestial DIY Outfits Lauren Quigley Creations

How I made the Celestial Outfits:

Here is how I made the celestial outfit out of this celestial tie dye pack from tulip, started with damp white T-shirts, scrunched them up, and just started spraying the colors all over them, SO MESSY, but so easy and fun

On the denim I put the fabric spray paint, which created the perfect base for my celestial paint job, used a mix of the soft touch fabric paints, just bouncing my brush around, taking in some glitter paint too on top all the areas I wanted a little extra sparkle... I love adding glitter to anything and everything I can, I also added some glow paint around the clouds and dots to look like stars, ... a few outlines, and some fabric markers for some finer details... along with glitter paint on sleeves and shoes!

Celestial DIY Outfits Lauren Quigley Creations

I love Tulip and all the products this kit was a hit, the colors, and the themes, just was so fun and on brand for me with color, glitter, and moons/stars! If this inspires you to make something, make sure to share with me! I love seeing the creations and DIY projects you've done!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

Celestial DIY Outfits Lauren Quigley Creations

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