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My Favorite Valentine's Day Vinyls and Glitter

This post may contain affiliate links for which I get a small commission if you click or purchase.

But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

The new year lineup is coming in quick. January we start making things for February and that means you are seeing all sorts of VALENTINE'S DAY themed crafty things, all the patterned vinyl, the rock candy, the glitters, and the cutest things with LOVE and hearts all over the place. I do love me some VDAY crafts, but I love the colors I get to use during this time even more, pinks, iridencents, whites and hot pinks, reds and alllllll the sparkle!

I just want to share with you guys all my favs for the season of LOVE, which we all know can be used year-round, I think my studio is the perfect example of that, hot pink fun and all, but what a perfect time to stock up, so here we go...

The Vinyl People have 13 patterned vinyl options in the Valentines day category and even more that would work across the board... including the best mixed vinyl set called

Love is in the Air Bundle... it has 15 sheets of all styles perfect for all things LOVE and Valentine's Day! PLUS a few of my favs pictured above in both big and small scale options, Peace, Love & Flowers, Strawberry Treats, Neon Hearts. perfect for any project! If the Peace, Love & Flowers patterned doesn't make you think of me... then... go binge watch my tik toks and instagram reels! Use Code: LQCreates to save!

Glitter Heart Co has over 325+ colors in its Valentine's Day palette tab! You know my shelves are filled with all the GHC glitter. Is it even a craft without GLITTER?! My favs are Kiss Me and Shock Tart which are also a part of my Retro Rainbow Set. The Hello Gorgeous (in TikTok above), Pearl, and Frosted Berries are also all my fav go to for pinks/red/whites! I can't get enough. Spread the love with glitter!

Pair your glitter with my Rock Candy Bling too! I can promise you they will add.a little bit of magical shine to any of your love filled projects this Valentine's day!

Use Code: LaurenQ15 to save

Valentine's Day Vinyl and Glitter | Lauren Quigley Creations

Artistic Painting Studio has a DREAMY, and I mean DREAM-E Valentine's foil pack with 20 different foils. get your hands on some immediately. , sold in a pack, or buy all the colors individually. I have shown you before and I will show you again, foil is sometimes the exact thing missing from your project. Shine yo' light with FOIL!

BAMF Custom Creations, the Valentines transparent vinyl is perfection! Get your hands on some and try it out, you will love how great the transparent vinyl looks on top of a gorgeous glittered tumblers or crafts! Use code: LQCREATES10 to save

Valentine's Day Vinyl and Glitter | Lauren Quigley Creations

And last but not least, even though it's not vinyl or glitter...

Mother Tumbler, I am sorry but this HAS to be addressed... Mother Tumbler sells a blank stainless steel CHAMPAGNE Flute... it is called the.... wait for it.... TINY TIPSIE. GAH

These are adorable for cheersing with my Kombucha #soberbabe or literally drinking some orange juice from because, CUTE. Get them all, and deck them out with all the products I listed above and yous gonna have yo'selves a lovely little Valentine's day fo' sho!

Hope you love all these prints, patterns, sparkles and shine as much as I do. As always, please please please tag me in any projects you make, I LOVE to see your projects and tumblers!

Make sure to pin this so you know where to get your Valentines vinyl and glitter!

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