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Tumblers 101: How to apply tumbler template

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

I can't believe that we are almost halfway through February and almost to Valentine's day! I am continuing on my goal for this year is continue to get back to the basics. Whether it's your first tumbler or not we all need to talk about: How to apply a tumbler templates. So let's dive in.

Why Tumbler Template?

In the crafting community there are many ways to make custom tumblers, vinyl, sublimation, glitter, and wrapping using a template with double sided adhesive sheets.

Using templates with double sided adhesive sheets is a popular option among tumbler makers because let's face it — doing sublimation isn't always in the cards.

What you need to use Tumbler Templates

You do need some specific items to create the best tumbler using your template.

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How to apply tumbler templates

Ok, now that we have everything we need to create our first tumbler using a template, let's get to creating. My girl Lindsey over at Brave Danger Designs and I did a collab and created this amazing design, 2 Rad Babes Template. It brings my love for all things retro and puts it into template form!

Once you have your will get ready to cut out your design using your favorite cutting machine using the kiss cut method.

Now that you have your design printed and your tumbler prepped (check out this post to see how to create your first epoxy free tumbler- it will explain how to prep your tumblers!),

you are going to carefully wrap your tumbler. Again, I love me some Mother Tumbler so I'm going to always and forever suggest those to you.

Tips and Tricks to apply your template

Whether you are in the camp of glittering before applying or after here are some things that have worked for me.

  1. To have your colors really pop you can apply your double sided adhesive to a white piece of vinyl instead of painting your tumbler.

  2. The wet method. The wet method is great to use with tumblers to avoid having any bubbles and is repositionable when applying a large piece of vinyl. To use the wet method you are going to spray water with a drop of dish soap on your tumbler and vinyl, then wrap your tumbler. Once you have your vinyl placed you are going to press and push out the water.

Once you have your template applied and all glittered up you are going to finish up your tumbler by sealing the glitter and applying your non toxic Grand Finale (again, check out this post to see how to create your first epoxy free tumbler)

And that's all, folks!

Once your tumbler has dried you will have made your first tumbler using a template. Wahoo!

Talk soon, babes!

You can learn more about the Creative Community here and join today to start learning some additional techniques, tricks, and designs in creating your tumblers!

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