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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are restocks on Ready to Ship tumblers?

New tumblers will be posted for sale bi-weekly! Please subscribe to get email updates.


These will be ready to ship tumblers that will ship out within a few days of purchase. 


They sell fast so make sure you're ready! 

I'm a one woman show and create new inventory as fast as I can.  

Custom/ personalized tumbler orders are currently closed but I will post when limited slots open up for those. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @laurenquigleycreations for behind the scenes action.

How are my tumblers made?

All of my tumblers are made completely epoxy free!

What does that even mean?? Well, I use a non-toxic, FDA compliant, water based top coat from the Crystalac company that once cured is extremely durable and hard with a smooth glass-like finish. My top coat requires no mixing and does not put off any harmful, toxic fumes while creating that could be dangerous to me, as the artist, or my family and pets.  Thinner coats are needed to build up to that pretty shine so my process may be a little bit longer to make than using an epoxy resin but the benefits of using a non-toxic product really out weigh the time it makes to create.

Tumbler Care

My tumblers are beautiful pieces of FUNctional art and need to be treated with care because they were created with care and attention. These ain't your momma's mugs. 

  • Handwash only and towel dry

  • Do not soak

  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe

  • Do not drop

The full cure time for my tumblers is 30 days. They can be used about a week after the last coat is applied but handle with extra care during the cure time. 

Soaking your tumbler could result in cracking so be sure to towel dry.

Dropping your tumbler could result in chipping because of the hard, glass like finish.

Payments/ Refunds/ Returns

I accept Paypal & all major credit cards.

Tumblers and custom items are final sale. 

Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY is a private and exclusive Facebook membership group.

  • The membership group is a monthly payment of $15 but you can cancel anytime.

  • You will get approximatley 20 SVG files per month. These files  can be used for personal and small business use up to 50 items per file. File access is through your account on

  • Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY is for all skill levels - beginners to the more experienced.

  • Epoxy-free and using epoxy tumblers are discussed within the group, as well as other DIY projects.  

  • All of the methods shown by Lauren Quigley can be used no matter what top coat you use.

  • Sublimation is also discussed within the group. 

  • All LIVE videos are saved forever to be viewed later in case you can't make it during the appointed time and will not be deleted.

Accidental Cancellation 

If you receive an email that your subscription has been cancelled but you didn't want to cancel it, it is usually because your payment didn't go through. Please send an email to and we will get you back on track!

This website, including blog posts, contains affiliate links. These affiliate links give me a small commission when you click or buy from them. But I would never recommend anything I don't currently use and love, or wouldn't use myself!

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