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hey babe!

My name is Lauren Quigley

I am so excited you're here!

I am a Georgia-based Creative Content Designer that loves using color and texture in all my pieces. I want to spark a creative revolution where babes like you are inspired to create, design, and add joy and happiness to your every day life. When I'm not creating or connecting with the babes in my Creative CommUNITY, you can find me hanging at home with my Army husband, four sweet babies, and two giant pups living my best sober life (and proud of it!).

As a Maryland native turned military spouse, I have the unique opportunity to express my creative design in a variety of ways and mediums in different locations. Oh, the flea markets and thrift stores I have seen! Although I am known for my epoxy-free tumblers, I also have been known to use several different mediums to express my creative side. My background is in ceramics (which I went to school for in Savannah, Georgia) but I have also dabbled in jewelry, paintings, free hand embroidery, custom baby clothes, unique boho decor, upcycled furniture, and vintage clothing are all areas that I have explored (and loved!).


Currently, the world of glitter tumblers is where it is at for me. There is something about swirling around glitter, micas, and paint that really makes my heart happy. It's almost like that feeling I got when I threw my first pot and felt the clay move beneath my fingers. Imagining something in your mind and then designing it with your hands is so magical. 

I am so grateful to share my advice, tips, and journey with my Creative CommUNITY and with you. I have been so fortunate to work with brands like Michael's, Crayola, Auntie Tay, Cricut, Arteza, Mother Tumbler, and many more. 

Being creative and artistic is so very important to me, and I spend my days in this season of life working my butt off to inspire others to do the same. My biggest inspiration for what I do is community. I want to cultivate it, I want to inspire others to be their most creative self, and I want to continue to be a part of this creative group of people for as long as possible. People inspire people, color inspires happiness.

And I love bringing the two together in my interactions with my community. 

"My biggest inspiration for what I do is community.

I want to cultivate it, I want to inspire others to be their most creative self... People inspire people, color inspires happiness...And I stive to bring the two together"

-Lauren Quigley

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I created a tie-dye tumbler using Arteza acrylic  markers, which went viral!


You may know me from...


These fun paper stars were created as part of Crayola Craft Month!


This campaign included using Colorshot spray paint to refinish a old buffet and make it new!

Michaels Lauren Quigley Creations
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