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On Wednesdays we wear BLACK 30oz

On Wednesdays we wear BLACK 30oz

All of my tumblers are made completely epoxy free! What does that even mean?? Well, I use a non-toxic, FDA compliant, water based top coat from the Crystalac company that once cured is extremely durable and hard with a smooth glass-like finish. My top coat requires no mixing and does not put off any harmful, toxic fumes while creating that could be dangerous to me, as the artist, or my family and pets.



My tumblers are beautiful pieces of FUNctional art and need to be treated with care because they were created with care and attention. These ain't your momma's mugs. ​

Handwash only and towel dry

Do not soak

Not dishwasher or microwave safe

Do not drop​

The full cure time for my tumblers is 30 days. They can be used about a week after the last coat is applied but handle with extra care during the cure time. Soaking your tumbler could result in cracking so be sure to towel dry. Dropping your tumbler could result in chipping because of the hard, glass like finish.


I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations on tumblers or custom orders.


Due to the handmade nature of my tumblers, minor imperfections are sometimes unavoidable (specs of glitter or dust). I try my best to make sure everything is perfect but some things are unavoidable with this craft.

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