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Bring on the Chill!: Fall Shaker Tumbler DIY

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

If you've been following me for awhile you might already know this but — I love fall! Color changes, spooky season, cooler's perfect. And this Fall Shaker Tumbler I created using items from Michael's is super cute, easy to do, and on trend with the pastel fall colors.

Fall Shaker Tumbler Lauren Quigley Creations

But now that we are down in Georgia (military fam here!) fall isn't quite as fall-ish anymore. Gone are the days when we were stationed in West Point in upstate New York where the seasons actually changed (although, I am pretty thrilled about not having blistering cold, freezing weather during the winter). But I'm still going to put my best fall face forward even if it is 80 degrees in the middle of September.

Of course, I needed something cute and trending for the season. And since the only way I'm going to take my coffee in this heat is iced, I needed something that could hold all my pumpkin cream cold brews this fall. So I decided to make my own Fall Shaker tumbler using my Cricut to create on-trend pastel vinyl cutouts in pumpkin shapes.

Fall Shaker Tumbler Lauren Quigley Creations

I headed over to Michael's to see what they had in store (no pun intended— ok, well, maybe pun intended!) for me. I found this awesome double-walled tumbler and I knew exaccctttllyyy what I was going to do. I headed over to the Cricut section and grabbed a bunch of on-trend colors for the fall and spooky season. I love my bright colors but I know that pastel is trending this season, so I went with a light pink, a darker pink, some yellows, and of course, a classic orange. I also grabbed some larger copper color glitter so that I could make this sparkly and wonderful. After all, nothing makes me happier than an iced coffee in a cute cup.

The tumbler is already double-walled so I needed something to cut into the first layer of plastic to be able to get that glitter in there. So I grabbed the Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool as well.

My mind's eye was already starting to envision what I was going to create, and I couldn't wait to get home and start!

Come see how I did it!

Ready to make your own Fall Shaker Tumbler? Here is everything you will need to grab from Michael's.


Now that we have all the supplies, let's get to making!

First. I cut out all my pumpkin shapes using my Cricut Maker 3 machine. I did the tops of the pumpkins in the Textured Copper. I also did the moons with this vinyl color. I used the Light Pink, Orange, Maize Yellow, and Party Pink for the base of the pumpkins. I also added some stars which were in the Orange and Maize Yellow.

I started off by throughly cleaning and drying my tumbler. Then I used my Cricut to create the tops of the pumpkins. I smoothed them out using my scraper onto the Cricut Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape. I followed the same pattern with the pumpkin bases, and then the moon and star shapes.

Fall Shaker Tumbler Lauren Quigley Creations

Once those were on nicely, I used my Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool to create a small hole in the first layer of the acrylic tumbler. I used a medium heat with the circular head. I rocked the Versa-Tool back and forth, and just went far enough to get through the first layer. I cleaned up the edges a bit with my tool and popped out the plastic piece using the pin tool from my Cricut Basic Tools set.

Then, I took my chunky glitter and shook that into the hole I had just made until I had enough in there that I was happy. Then, I added a glue dot to cover the hole, and added a custom Lauren Quigley Creations sticker on the bottom for extra protection. You can also use a bit of UV resin to cover the hole if you'd like.

And that was it! Now I have a fun, festive, and adorable Fall Shaker Tumbler for all those pumpkin iced coffees this season. I can't wait to take it to the pumpkin patch with the kiddies!

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