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My Favorite Halloween Vinyls and Glitter for Tumbler Making

This post may contain affiliate links for which I get a small commission if you click or purchase.

But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey babes!

Spooky season is here! Well, truth be told, its been here for a couple of months for me. Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, and it's one of the biggest seasons for tumbler makers. And it is one of my favorite times of year for Halloween vinyls and glitter for tumbler making. PEOPLE LOVE SPOOKY SEASON!

I started my spooky season back in July when I made this awesome pumpkin purse with a matching sweatshirt and snow globe tumbler. The vinyl I used was in my Creative CommUNITY, but you can grab this one right in my shop which is another favorite!

Some of my favorite tumblers I ever made are Halloween tumblers, too. You can see all my tumblers from last year here from last week's blog post. My favorite of all favorites? My Mean Girls + Lisa Frank Mash Up.

If you're wondering where I got the vinyls for those designs, most of them came from my Creative CommUNITY group designed by yours truly. Those vinyls, however, are just for my Creative CommUNITY group so if you want SVGs like these to create your own Halloween tumblers then head on over here and sign up on my waitlist— doors are only open the first day of each month!


If you're following any trends this Halloween season, you'll see that pastel Halloween decor is majorly trending. Sweet and spooky is the name of the game this year, and some of my favorite vinyls and glitters for Halloween tumblers follow along those trends. Let's jump in and see some of my favorite Halloween vinyls and glitter for tumbler makers.

My Favorite Halloween Vinyls from Tumbler Makers

My favorite Halloween vinyls for tumbler makers come from BAMF Custom Creations and the Vinyl People.

In fact, you can see my most recent unboxing of my subscription box with BAMF Custom Creations which includes tons of Halloween vinyls and products (use code LQCREATES10 for 10% off if you want one, too!)

The ones you see in the subscription unboxing aren't live at the time of this writing, but they should be soon so be sure to keep checking out BAMF Custom Creations! And if you want to get in on the latest and greatest from BAMF, get their subscription box for fun and exclusive designs first! For now, here are some others I love from BAMF Custom Creations.








I don't know if you've heard but if you follow me on YouTube, you may have: The Vinyl People has just started their lines of patterned vinyl! Just in time for Halloween.

Here are some of my favorite new patterned vinyls plus some classic solid colors that are still *chef's kiss* perfect for Halloween tumblers. Be sure to use the code LQCREATES for 10% off your order!









My Favorite Halloween Glitters from Tumbler Makers

Obviously we are going to need to glitz up those tumblers. Here are some of my favorite colors to use from Glitter Heart Co. Use code LAURENQ15 for 10% off, too!









Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I'm so excited to use some of the new patterned vinyl from The Vinyl People as well as some of the classics from BAMF Custom Creations and my favorite Halloween glitter to create some amazing and fun looking tumblers this season.

Before you know it, we will be heading into Christmas! I can just hear those sleigh bells now, ringing in a distance right under the spooky sounds of Halloween.

Have you made a Halloween tumbler? Tag me on Insta at @laurenquigleycreations so I can see!

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