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DIY Blinged Flower Claw Clip Tutorial Using Rock Candy

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

It all started with an Amazon find... These massive, IG-trendy, flower claw clips were calling my name when I came across them. I knew what I needed to create- blinged flower claw clips. Because seriously, what could be better than IRL-sized daisies covered in the beautiful, sparkling Rock Candy from Glitter Heart Co?!

If you have been following me awhile on Instagram and/or TikTok, you know I love bright colors and textures. So when I saw these claw clips (where are my 80's and 90's babies at because I'm SO THRILLED these are coming back in style), I just knew I needed to do something amazing with them.

And I'm a 80's baby who grew up in the 90's. My love and inspiration for those bright colors and textures in all of my projects largely has to do with my childhood. Bright colors and fun textures bring my art projects to life- whether it's a fun Mean Girls + Lisa Frank-inspired tumbler or a Lisa Frank-inspired studio chair or a sunburst ombre dresser- I use color every single day because it makes me happy. And isn't that what life is about?

Also, anyone else see a trend with me and Lisa Frank? 😂 Those packs of stickers and folders with soft kittens are still swimming in my head even after all these years!

Because, after all, you can't do something amazing if you don't START something amazing. Just check out this before and after!

What I Used to Create My DIY Blinged Flower Claw Clips

I didn't need much for my blinged flower claw clips. Here is everything I used:

How I Created My DIY Blinged Flower Claw Clips

These flower claw clips were a quick and easy project, and I just LOVE how they came out.

First, I lightly sanded each clip down with 400 grit sandpaper. Then, I placed Aleene's Liquid Fusion glue on top of the clip (one at a time!) and used a quick scatter method to place each bling down on the clip.

You can see the full tutorial here:

I so love how all of my flower claw clips came out. They are so fun to wear, and they are perfect for getting my hair out of my face when I'm creating my most recent piece of art. And my daughter's love them, too! They make for great additions to your own store, gifts for friends or kids, or even just for yourself to keep around the house while you're jamming out to some 90's rap and Swiffering your floors.

Whatever you do with them is up to you. But you'll look FABULOUS doing it with these blinged out flower claw clips.

Be sure to pin this tutorial!

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