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DIY Colorshot Christmas Ornaments

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes,

I hope everyone had a chance to check out the list from last week of my favorite creative gifts for the entire family, straight from our Glitter Babes in the Creative Community!

This week is a big week —Thanksgiving! I am so excited for turkey and stuffing and fun with the fam. I am thankful for my community, YOU, fellow creatives, and followers, I am thankful I get to share all my crazy fun colorful projects and work with some amazing brands!

DIY ColorShot Christmas Ornaments Lauren Quigley

One of those amazing brands I get to work with is COLORSHOT, If you know me you know I don't stop talking about this spray paint. It is by far my FAVORITE spray paint, the colors, the coverage, the brand itself, just *chefs kiss*. I love it!

DIY ColorShot Christmas Ornaments Lauren Quigley

Like most of my projects, this is yet another colorful masterpiece, that is DIY Colorshot Christmas Ornaments that I am LIVING FOR. I decided to go ALL out with color and use the entire rainbow to upcycle some of my old ornaments, to create the perfect rainbow pink tree for my daughter's room.

What do you need?

DIY ColorShot Christmas Ornaments Lauren Quigley

Here is whatchya need to make your own DIY Colorshot Christmas Ornaments

Find some ornaments, whether they be old ones that you've outgrown the color palette or new ones that you want to get the exact color you need to meet your aesthetic and other decors for the season, give them a spray of primer, and then any ColorShot color you want!

The best tip I can give you for spray painting these shiny, slippery, spherical little balls is to stick them on some wooden dowels. Literally, the easiest hack, even stick them into an upside-down basket or colander or even some foam or cardboard to keep them safe and separated while they dry. You'll be able to spray every angle!

You can order ColorShot spray paints on Amazon which I have linked above, or you can get them locally at Wal-Mart or Michael's!

Easy Peasy

And there you have it, the beauty that became the PERFECT rainbow upcycled ornament. If you are using ColorShot this season in any of your Christmas decorations or crafts please share any and all projects with me! I wanna see how you use it and what colors you pick!

Obviously, the crafty fun part of getting these ornaments the color I wanted was fun, but the true joy in this project and my favorite thing to do was to decorate the tree! I LOVE IT, love placing the ornaments in rainbow fashion down the tree.... speaking of the tree... HELLOOOO PINK CHRISTMAS TREE, I haven't mentioned you yet beautiful thing. I got mine at home depot but found the exact one (linked above) on amazon. GAHHH I love a good pink tree!

Anywho, enjoy the last few days before Christmas fully takes over!

Happy Thanksgiving week! I am thankful for each one of you and the joy and creativity you bring to my life! Love ya Babes!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

DIY ColorShot Christmas Ornaments Lauren Quigley

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