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DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

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Hey Babes,

It all started with a pink Christmas tree... After all, 'tis the season for SPOOKY and yet this gorgeous pink tree sits in my studio. I HAD to decorate and incorporate for Halloween and that means I had to make all the pastel Halloween dreams live on through mini DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments!

I ordered a cute set of Halloween ornaments off of Amazon. It came with 6 witch hats, 6 brooms, and 6 cauldrons. I ordered the bag of disco balls off Amazon as well, and then a set of skulls and pumpkin ornaments were blanks I got from Michaels.

The little witch hats and brooms were SO cute; I loved them. I had seen a cowboy hat disco ball ornament before but I wanted to put my twist on it and use the witches hat, they turned out adorable! Just a little hot glue and plop that witch's hat on top!

The hats and brooms came with orange and red ribbon/string on them so I needed to cover/swap those to make sure to keep the pastel vibes, so I took a little bit of pink sparkle ribbon and made those more cohesive with the rest of the fun spooky ornaments! Once the brooms had the new glitter ribbon on them they were ready to go! Again, easy peasy!

The cauldrons are my FAVORITE, they turned out so cute, if you remember my crystal skull tumbler, they match that perfectly. I filled the cauldron with balls of tin foil, and then use a ton of hot glue, and then covered that glue in glitter to create the base for where the crystals go.

I glued about 3 crystals onto each one, putting them at a bit of an angle to make them look best, then I added a few more little blobs of hot glue and added more glitter to really give it that look that the cauldron was boiling out glitter and crystals, and I think it did just that.

The skull ornaments were so fun and easy as well, you know your girl LOVES me some ColorShot spray paint, so I used that fun technique to blend a few colors together over the skulls. literally, so easy and they fit those pastel vibes SO so So good!

And last but not least, the adorable little whipped disco balls, how stinkin' cute are they!

I used an egg carton and placed them in there for stability, and then used this smooth, soft, and airy whipped clay from Michaels; so satisfying! I decorated the top of the disco ball as I would a cupcake, added some clay sprinkles, and a little glitter too!

Together all these little ornaments are a complete VIBE CHECK, perfect for this pink pastel Halloween tree this year, so satisfying and fun to make! And so easy to customize with colors and embellishments of your choice!

What I Used to Create My DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments

Here is everything I used:

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