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DIY Peace Sign Mirror

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

I have been in the mood to upcycle recently, and this project was another one of those visions I have had for awhile that I finally had the time to do. This DIY Peace Sign Mirror was a lengthy project but it was sooooo worth it. It wasn't hard to do, it just takes time and patience which is key when doing many DIY projects.

In fact, I think that is one of the most important things that being an artist has taught me — that time and patience are key to creating amazing pieces of art. In our lives of constant go go go we are almost conditioned to want to make it happen NOW, RIGHT AWAY, WITHOUT DELAY. But with art, most of it is a process. It's a journey. You have to do one step, and then wait to come back and do another. It is such a test in time and in patience, and its a great virtue to learn especially in today's society.

This DIY Peace Sign Mirror was also part of my new Thirfty Thursday series. I always have SO MANY projects swimming in my mind, especially with upcycled items, that I feel like most of them don't even get started. And since we moved into our new house in Georgia, I've been taking on more and more upcycled projects to make our house a little more "us."

I already had this circle mirror from a previous thirft store find, but I knew I needed to do *something* to it to make it a little more me. So let's get hippie with it and see how I made my DIY Peace Sign Mirror.

DIY Peace Sign Mirror Lauren Quigley Creations

Before getting too crazy, I can't forget to mention to make sure to wear your PPE. (Personal Protective Equipment) Meaning gloves, masks and using a well-ventilated space, and just being aware of what you are using and how to use it.

Like most creative art projects and DIYs, I had a vision and I went with it. Taking the circle mirror I already owned, I bought some Epoxy Sculpty called Culture Sculpt from Counter Culter DIY. Culture Sculpt it is a 2 part clay-like sculptable-curing epoxy. It is SO extremely lightweight, and it gives you about 2-3 working hours until it hardens. Then it gets pretty solid at about 4-8 hours and is fully cured after 12-14 hours.

DIY Peace Sign Mirror Lauren Quigley Creations

I love the fact you can literally sculpt and mold this Culture Sculpt into anything you want. For me, I used a fondant flower mold I found at Micheal's and I made tons of flowers. I only had two molds so it took me WEEKS to collect enough finished flowers to complete this project. I would make a batch of flowers in between projects and just stock up on all the mini flowers until I had enough — which was a lot!

What I Used for DIY Peace Sign Mirror

DIY Peace Sign Mirror Lauren Quigley Creations

I didn't need much for this, here is what I used:

Finishing Touches

Once I had enough flowers molded and cured I took my mirror outside and used a giant vinyl peace sign, that I cut on my Cricut and put that down as a template to protect the mirror. From there I made another patch of the Culture Sculpt and laid it directly on the mirror, and used it as a glue for the molded flowers. Once that layer was on, I smushed it around and placed each individual flower, it was like a puzzle, to fit the pieces just right where I wanted them.

Then once I had all the pieces in the perfect position, I let it cure for the full 14 hours. Once dried, all it took was some shiny gold spray paint to give it that perfect look! I cleaned up the edges with q-tips and cleaned the mirror, and hung that baby right up!

DIY Peace Sign Mirror Lauren Quigley Creations

This wasn't a hard project persay, except in the fact that it took me a long time to complete. But once it was done, I was so happy with it! It really helped to bring my studio together and is so totally me. I love it, and I hope you feel inspired to create something amazing today!

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DIY Peace Sign Mirror Lauren Quigley Creations

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