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DIY Holiday Party Leather Boots

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes,

I can't stop with the embellishments! EMBELLISHED STAR BOOTIES?! Do these not scream HOLIDAY PARTY Leather Boots!? YAS PLEASE! I know my cosmic disco babes are going to LOVE this easy project, made easier with the Aleene's Leather & Suede glue!

Holiday Party Embellished Boots Lauren Quigley Creations

DISCO babes, if you aren't making these this week, what are you even doing with your life? This will be a staple for holiday party outfits this year!

Working with Aleene's and using this Leather & Suede glue, I couldn't get this image of these booties out of my head. I HAD to create them. They are RETRO, they are GLAM, they are simplicity all wrapped up into one of the easiest Holiday Party Leather Boot DIY projects this season.

You put these on and you STRUT! These gorgeous booties are giving me all fun fashion vibes!

Holiday Party Embellished Boots Lauren Quigley Creations

It might come as a shock coming from me, but the simplicity in this project is what makes it so great. Do I love to add color? YES. Do I love to embellish everything? Yes, again! But the white boots with the simple sparkly stars is all these booties need to be the perfect thing to wear to this year's Holiday Party! Just think of the things you can pair these boots with!

What do you need?

Holiday Party Embellished Boots Lauren Quigley Creations

Here is whatchya need to make your Holiday Party Leather Boot dreams come alive:

Clean those upcycled or new booties to make sure the surface is ready. Then roughen up the areas where you plan to add the embellishments. You can use sandpaper or a steel wool brush.

Then apply the glue to the back of the embellishments. I used a q-tip to apply the Leather & Suede glue. This glue is what makes this project! I made sure to give extra attention and pressure to the 5 peaks of the star to make sure they were nice and secure. Once everything was dried, voila! I had my brand new booties for the holiday season.

Walk in the park!

And that's a wrap, such an easy way to upcycle and make your own walking art piece.

The fun didn't end when the project was over. Photographing these booties was half the fun. I'm turning Big into quite the photographer! This whole shoot was soooo funny. I have had to share this a few times!

The lighting was perfect so I panic-shaved my legs, threw my new boots on, and coached him on how to take a few pictures. Some of the angles were SO BAD Then we put this stool under my butt so I could get legs up taller and we were CRACKING UP! But the shot turned out AMAZING and I loved this project using Aleene's Leather and Suede glue! The boots are AMAZING!

Thanks for sticking along with me as I show it all— all the angles, all the fun.

Be creative and share with me YOUR upcycled fashion pieces! I would love to see how you babes have used embellishments to create your own works of art you can proudly wear out in the world!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

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