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Why you need to join the Creative CommUNITY if you are a tumbler maker

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links from which I may receive a small commission when you click and/or purchase from those links. But I would never recommend anything I don't or wouldn't use myself!

Hey Babes!

These past few weeks have been crazy but also amazing. I have been keeping everyone updated in my Creative CommUNITY, but I have had some HUGE projects cooking up which I am so excited to share with you all soon. On top of that, my little family up and moved (or PCS'd as we say in the military community) to Georgia. I've been getting my new studio designed and running (update on that coming soon!), unpacking, and doing all.the.things to share my creative content with my babes around the globe.

It's during these crazy times that I am so happy I have my Creative CommUNITY. If you don't already know, this is a private Facebook membership group in which creatives of different skill levels can share advice, tips, and resources. I also provide monthly content including:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group,

  • 15 SVGs per month,

  • Live Q&A events,

  • Exclusive discount codes,

  • Monthly challenges,

  • Monthly Babes in Business segments,

  • 1st access to tutorials,

  • Giveaways,

  • Behind the scenes, and

  • Printable "Get Started Checklist for Epoxy Free Tumblers"

Although there are a ton of resources in our Creative CommUNITY, that's not what makes it such a special place for our members. Sure, the discounts are great. And the free SVGs are a really fun way to spice up your tumblers or other creative work. But it is the community that makes a difference to our members.

Why you should join Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY

The members of Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY receive a ton of resources and information each month. But more importantly, members are finding that both the sense of community, inspiration, and the advice is more than worth it. Here are just a few things members are saying about how Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY has inspired them, taught them, and supported them in their creative journey.

What others have learned in Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY

There are so many amazing resources, tips, and advice available in the Creative CommUNITY. But one thing is common - the Glitter Babes in the Creative CommUNITY group have learned to trust the process and that their creative art is theirs, even if it doesn't look as they had planned. Read below to see what other real members of the Creative CommUNITY are saying they have learned while in this exclusive group.

How others have gained support as members of Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY

The largest takeaway from the Creative CommUNITY is the support that members have for one another. One thing I see over and over again about our group is how kind everyone is to one another. We are all there to support each other, lift each other up, and spark a creative revolution.

Read below to see what other real members of the Creative CommUNITY are saying on how the Creative CommUNITY members have supported them in their journey.

See what others are doing in the Creative CommUNITY

One of the best parts about the Creative CommUNITY is that our members aren't afraid to ask for help or advice. And everyone is always willing to jump in! Here are some tumblers others have created while members of the Creative CommUNITY using the free SVGs files provided, as part of the monthly challenge, or just taking advice from me or others in the group on how to do specific things to their tumblers (dips, glitter lays, vinyls, etc).


I love our Creative CommUNITY. It is where I spend most of my days! I am on there every day, asking and/or answering questions. And even though our doors only open the 1st day of the month, we are active ALL.MONTH.LONG.

It is honestly the best place to be as a creative tumbler maker. The knowledge you will gain, the support you will get, and the inspiration you will receive is unparalleled in Lauren Quigley's Creative CommUNITY.

So won't you come join us?

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