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Nostalgic 90's Kid's Playroom Makeover

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes,

Our new home is coming together and I am so excited to share all about my Kids Playroom Makeover using the brightest colors, nostalgic zebra wallpaper, and so much ColorShot spray paint!

Kids Playroom Makeover Lauren Quigley Creations

As we all know, I LOVE the bright colors and neons, that's evident on my Instagram and TikTok. So when I saw this wallpaper, I was like YASSS babe... let's do this!

This zebra wallpaper brought me ALL the nostalgic feels. Let's take a trip down memory lane, to the 90's when you're the coolest kid on the block with your Fruit Stripes Zebra Gum — you know it, the one with the tattoos that make you feel like a complete rockstar! What a time to be alive, babes!

I took that nostalgia and utilized it by including my sweet babies' faces on the wall in the kid's playroom makeover, I edited the photos in Canva to make it as if they were blowing bubble gum bubbles, I love them, HOW CUTE ARE THEY!

Kids Playroom Makeover Lauren Quigley Creations

I originally was going to do a giant word such as KINDNESS or PLAY, but these pictures are the exact thing needed in this room. Canva was SO easy to do this on, too! I took the pictures on my phone, uploaded, and edited them right on my Canva app using the pro tools like the background remover and the bubble gum bubble element. I even ordered my prints directly through Canva! Easy peasy, and they were delivered super fast.

ALL the DIY items and finds for my kids playroom makeover

Kids Playroom Makeover Lauren Quigley Creations

I collected all these things over time and used both new and up-cycled items!

Here is everything I used:

How I brought it all together

Spray paint, fun colors, and cohesive boldness tied the room together! I used all the ColorShot bold and bright colors to get those PINKs and LIME greens and big pops of color covering every inch of this space!

Bringing a room together is so much about what you find along the way! I found those cute leopard chairs a while ago and knew where they would fit perfectly in this room. It is also about seeing potential in the things laying around, like my old brown baskets or black shelves, or a Disney princess toy chest... and spray painting the heck out of those babies until they meet the needs of the space. Bringing my vision to life was SO much fun and I love love love this room, and so do my kids!

Of course my kids needed ALL the colors and creativity in their playroom. I won't stop spewing all the colorful things around the house. You know my chandelier from my studio... I got a MINI one to put in the playroom, it matches mine and it is PERFECT for the kids room! I have moved this colorful chandelier from home to home for YEARS and how we will have two to lug around. #militaryspouselife

Kids Playroom Makeover Lauren Quigley Creations

I LOVE what this room is for my kids, a safe place to express themselves, get a little messy, be inspired... all the things a playroom should be! Are you inspired to do a playroom makeover?!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

Kids Playroom Makeover Lauren Quigley Creations

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