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Spooky Halloween Tumbler

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

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Hey Babes,

Spooky babes!!! Pastel Halloween dreams DO come true! Spooky season is such a fun time of year, and you know me, it wouldn't be amazing without adding COLOR. This isn't your typical black and orange Halloween creation — we go spooky, we go PINK, we go all in!

Spooky Halloween Tumbler Lauren Quigley

I have been creating all sorts of fun pastel Halloween creations and my skull mug has been a huge hit. I mean, adding glitter and crystals to anything is going to make it that much better but this Spooky Halloween Tumbler is EVERYTHING for the Spooky season vibes!

It is SO easy and can be done is so many different ways!

Spooky Halloween Tumbler Lauren Quigley

RUN to Michael's and grab your skull mug blank, and let's do this babes!

What ya need to get SPOOKY:

Spooky Halloween Tumbler Lauren Quigley

Adding the Crystals & Glitter

Once painted with the PINK Pop of Color paint, I added the crystals and glitter, and there is more than one way to do this, but I LOVE UV resin from Counter Culture DIY, and it is a quick and easy hold, so I used my UV flashlight first, then put the entire thing in my UV box, which is AMAZING, if you use UV resin a lot, this rotating little UV box is like a microwave for crafters. Only needed 2 mins and it is cured!

I finished it off with Grand Finale, of course, I wanted that nice shiny shine that you get from Grand Finale. It turned out perfect!

I know there are a million and one ways to do this, and make it your own, I would LOVE to see you babes create your own Spooky Halloween Tumbler that best suites you, maybe you add some rock candy or other embellishments, maybe you make it glow in the dark, get creative and tag me when you make your own! I want see your spooky creations!

Spooky Halloween Tumbler Lauren Quigley

I LOVE this SPOOKY season and I love creating all the fun spooky things, and testing all the tools and supplies for you guys! Thanks for following along!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

Spooky Halloween Tumbler Lauren Quigley

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