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10 Reasons the Glowforge Aura is a Game Changer for Crafters Everywhere

Hey babes!

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know that I have a HUGE announcement to make. And let me tell you, it's going to be a game changer for crafters everywhere. And here it is: Glowforge™, the maker of the best-selling desktop laser, has launched it's NEW laser, the Glowforge Aura™, made specifically with the small business crafter in mind!

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

I have wanted to work with Glowforge for the longest time, so when they asked me to try their new Glowforge Aura I was beyond excited and said "ABSOLUTELY, YES!" And let me tell you something — this beauty does not disappoint!

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

As a full time lover of all things crafting, I have been interested in getting into laser engraving and cutting for a long time. The Glowforge Aura™ is literally a game changer. Not only does a laser cutter like this one provide more precise cutting so I can create even more detailed projects, but the GlowForge Aura™ also has features that you simply cannot find with any other laser desktop printer.

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

Let's dive in to what this puppy can do (and I literally have not been able to stop creating projects since it arrived!)

10 Reasons why the Glowforge Aura™ is a game changer for small business crafters and hobby crafters everywhere

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

1. You can work with, quite literally, hundreds of different types of materials.

One of the BEST things about the Glowforge Aura is that you can work with a TON of different materials. Their selection of Proofgrade materials work specifically with the Glowforge Aura and are extremely high quality materials including Eco Acrylic, Hardwood, Leather and Iron On.

The Glowforge Aura™ is designed to cut materials that are 12"x12" but if you have a material that is larger than that, you can move the flaps on the side of the machine to make room — it won't cut the sections out side of the actual machine, but it doesn't limit you just 12x12 pieces (score!).

2. Design made easy with the Glowforge Premium optional upgrade, or use software, images, logos, or files you already have.

The Glowforge Premium is an optional upgrade with your Glowforge Aura but it's one I highly recommend. The Premium option gives you additional features to help your creativity flow, including new designs, features, and tools. It also gives you access to Magic Canvas, the AI driven design tool that helps bring your vision to life.

Another huge feature is that the Premium upgrade gives you first access to new features that aren't accessible to everyone. And if you're a small business owner, you know these new and cool features can be a game changer for your projects and new product launches!

3. You can see what you're working on with the Aura Vision™ 8 megapixel camera.

I know it sounds crazy but my crafters will totally get it — nothing beats the feeling of watching a project you have in your mind's eye come to life. For many of our projects, that's a slow process. We have to wait days, sometimes weeks, to see a project really flourish. But with the Aura Vision camera on the Glowforge Aura you can see your material on screen before you even begin cutting to make sure everything is lined up and use the most of those scrap pieces of materials!

And dang, if that isn't the best feeling, I don't know what is.

4. Choose your material and start creating with the Proofgrade® materials.

Each piece of Proofgrade material comes with a QR code that the Glowforge Aura will scan when you set it in the machine. It will set the machine to the precise settings needed to cut that material, and it will even tell you exactly what material you're using.

The Proofgrade materials are made from high-quality materials that give you an amazing premium finished product. They are lab-tested and made specifically for your Glowforge Aura, so I highly recommend using them over any other materials if possible.

5. Say goodbye to weeding — It takes the messiness out of creating.

Speaking of the Proofgrade material — not only is it easy to use with your machine, but it also has custom masking that ensures clean cuts and prints. And weeding is totally optional no matter what material you use. You won't need to have additional cutting mats or need to change any blades with the Glowforge Aura, which not only saves you materials and money, but it also saves you time.

6. Safe to use in your home with the optional Glowforge Personal Filter™.

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

You all know I'm huge when it comes to safe products within my home. Between 4 kids and 2 large dogs, I need to ensure that anything I use is safe. That is why I started creating epoxy-free tumblers, after all! And the Glowforge Aura is no different. You can either place your Glowforge near a window with the included ventilation tube to vent outside or use the optional Glowforge Personal Filter™,

The Glowforge Personal Filter connects directly to your machine via wifi, and it turns on as soon as you start up your Glowforge Aura. It surpasses the gold standard in filtration using the HEPA filter technology and carbon technology to purify the air. It traps over 99.9% of particles in the air while you are creating with it's dual HEPA-grade and activated carbon gas filters. The replaceable cartridges have a lifetime of up to 100 hours of printing, too!

7. Crafter's block? No worries- The Glowforge Catalog has you covered.

We have all been there — we want to create but we just can't seem to get out of our own heads and start designing. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration. The Glowforge Catalog is a free catalog of hundreds of designs for you to choose from. You can either use those designs as is, or use them as inspiration for your own design.

Speaking of your own designs, the Glowforge Aura can take any design you may have and make your vision come to life on the material of your choice. Any jpeg file can be used, which means that the possibilities are quite literally endless.

8. Have an idea but it's not flourished yet? Use Magic Canvas to help bring your vision to life.

Maybe you have an idea but you just can't quite seem to get it down on paper (or digitally). With the Premium upgrade from Glowforge™, you can use Magic Canvas to help bring your vision to life. Magic Canvas is AI technology that will help take your vision, typed out into the program, and create a design based on that description.

Creators block will gone!

9. Easy set-up means you will start crafting sooner (but be careful, you might not be able to me!)

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

I don't know how to say this in any other way — the Glowforge Aura is pretty much a plug and play type of machine. Set-up is minimal. You plug it in, connect it to your wifi, set up your app, and you'll be designing in less than an hour. Maybe even within 20 minutes. Everything is controlled right from your app! There is only one button on the machine, and that is to push when you start a project or to pause a project.

But be might not be able to stop!

10. It will elevate your crafting game by providing precise and detailed designs cut with precision.

As creators and crafters, we are always looking at new ways to bring our visions to life. New materials to use, new techniques to try. With the Glowforge Aura you will be able to create projects in ways you haven't been able to do before. This machine can cut material 1/4 inch thick, allowing you to create beautifully intricate and precise, detailed items that will leave you in awe. The possibilities with your small business or crafting hobby are endless!

My Recent Projects with the Glowforge Aura

Ever since I received the Glowforge Aura, I haven't been able to stop coming up with ideas on what to make next. Not only is it an amazingly easy machine to work with but the Premium upgrade and the Catalog of designs makes it so simple to try new design ideas and projects! I also love how the Aura Vision shows me exactly what I am working on.

With the Proofgrade materials, I know what I'm working with right away, and I know my project will come out perfectly. The Glowforge Aura scans the QR code on whichever Proofgrade material I decide to use and automatically sets the settings needed. After I input my design using the Glowforge App, my machine starts working and I can watch the magic happen. It is amazingly mesmerizing. And it gives you the kind of rush that all crafters know and love when they see something beautiful being made — something that their mind's eye envisioned, and now they are watching it come to life.

I've only had the Glowforge Aura for a short time, but I have already created some amazing things.

I created these beautiful leather earrings that speak to my hippie soul and make me want to open a roadside boutique full of these creations and ones just like it.

Leather earrings Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

I have also created this adorable "You are my sunshine" wooden sign.

You are My Sunshine Wooden Sign Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

This acrylic plant holder is what my plant dreams are made of. Bright, colorful, and oh so gorgeous.

Acrylic plant holder made with Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

And lastly, the details that are the chef's kiss —acrylic monarch butterflies that add a sweet detail to pretty much any project around my studio. Wall art, onto the planter, hair clips for my babies? I can't decide!

Acrylic butterflies made with Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

Where to buy the Glowforge Aura

So here's the thing my amazing friends — the Glowforge Aura is currently only sold in TWO retail stores: Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. And at a price point of about $1,200 it isn't the least expensive machine you will purchase. But OH MY GOODNESS is it worth every single penny. And let me tell you something, babes — you will make this investment back in dividends with the amount of items you are able to create with it. Between the hundreds of materials you are able to use, the Glowforge Premium upgrade that provides Magic Canvas and other tools to increase your creativity, their Catalog with designs, and their easy to use software that allows you to input your very own designs, you will be able to create amazing, beautiful items that will bring your business or your hobby to new heights. I can promise you that!

Glowforge Aura Lauren Quigley Creations

Whether you are a novice to the crafting world or a seasoned crafter, the Glowforge Aura is a must-have machine for your crafting. A.Must.Have. I am beyond excited to continue creating with my newest and machine, and sharing all my new projects with you.

And of course, I'd love to see yours! Tag me on Instagram or TikTok when you start creating with your new Glowforge Aura @glowforge and @laurenquigleycreations!

Happy creating, my beautiful babes!

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