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Colorful Candlesticks with Woodpeckers Crafts Wooden Blanks

Woodpeckers Crafts has the best wooden blanks, HANDS DOWN! I had so much fun creating these amazing colorful Candlesticks in 4 different sizes.

The blanks arrived super smooth so I could get right into painting instead of sanding.

I used a variety of FlipN Awesome paints from the Crystalac company- you can use acrylic paints of your choice. If you need more colors or want to create a gradient, add a little white into the colors you have to get a lighter shade.

Once all of your candlesticks are dry, add some gold paint for details and seal them with a clear sealer of your choice and finish.

Add your gold inserts and add your candles!

This beautiful set up is perfect for a happy house! Add a disco ball for extra SPARKLE!

Get your Premium Wood Blanks from Woodpeckers Crafts!

Happy Crafting!

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