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Maximizing Your Organization with the Dream Box 2 from CreateRoom: A Crafter's Dream

Is the Dream Box 2 really THAT dreamy?! My answer is absolutely "YES!"

As a creative, I have wanted a Dream Box from CreateRoom for YEARS and when the opportunity presented itself for me to get my very own Dream Box 2 and review it- I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! I could FINALLY start building my happy place and get that dream storage I've been needing.

I went with the Dream Box 2 white shaker with a full set of totes and the deluxe crown with double lights. I also opted for the pre-built option because- life, haha!

When delivery day came I was READY! I cleaned my studio (well, really I made a massive mess and put bins of art supplies in a corner because my goal was to get rid of a few pieces of furniture in the process).

The truck pulled up and put the massive crate right at my garage. I called a friend over to help me bring everything inside because the biggest piece was about 175lbs. We carried everything inside and I got work putting the pieces together.

For the pre-built service, you will still need to put a few things together but it was easy for me to do it all on my own! I really took my time during this process because I have 4 kids and a lot going on so whenever I would step in my studio, I was in my happy place.

Planning out where I wanted everything was soooooo fun! I love being surrounded by my art supplies and seeing them all out was getting me wildly inspired.

The full set of totes is A LOT of totes- they will fill the entire box. I ended up taking a few totes out because some of my supplies are taller than others and I really wanted to fill this space with the products that I use on a consistent basis.

Seeing all the color come together is like major eye candy. I am a huge lover of glitter and sparkles and decided to make tote covers from glitter card stock from Michaels. You can find the tote template in the CreateRoom Facebook group or in Cricut Design Space.

Glitter Heart Co made me MASSIVE glitter bottles of my Retro Rainbow glitter collection and these Packed Party pink smiley lights def match the vibe of the happy place!

The BIGGEST thing I noticed once my Dream Box 2 was together was just how BIG it really is and how much it holds. I am still filling bins and moving things around as I work. I LOVED that I was able to get rid of some of the mis-matched furniture I bought from garage sales to hold my supplies in exchange for this DREAM of a storage option.

It truly is SO. DANG. DREAMY!!!

Would I recommend the Dream Box 2? ABSOLUTELY, YES!

I may not be the most organized person- but I feel like I'm on the path to being an artsy Marie Kondo and my new happy place sparks ALL THE JOY! My kid's are already planning their take over of my studio haha! And I'm ok with that- I love showing them how to create and getting them involved in the creative process.

If you want to create your own happy place, CreateRoom is having their BIGGEST Black Friday event ever with BIG savings! Early Black Friday pricing starts 11/17 and ends 11/27.

Code: LAURENQUIGLEYCREATIONSBF23 will save you $400 off the Dream Box 2

Get access to the sale HERE

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