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3+ Ways to Use Snow Globe Glass Can Tumblers from Mother Tumbler

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

Picture this, fluffy white snow, falling from the sky like super slow little floating shiny gorgeous snowflakes. It's mesmerizing, it's comforting, and it's gorgeous! There aren't fluffy white flurries here in Georgia right now but I know a lot of you around the country are experiencing some snow of all measures! Be safe out there, and stay warm!

snow globe glass can tumblers | Lauren Quigley Creations

For me, I am making my own mesmerizing little snow-like creations, swap the snow for glitter and you get these oh-so-gorgeous snow globe glass can tumblers. I am FREAKING obsessed, they are playful, they are calming, and they are their own little stress relievers.

The idea of snow globe glass can tumblers has been going around the internet for a while now, there are SO many methods you can use and tutorials. You used to have to melt or drill holes in plastic cups to get this effect but LET ME TELL YOU.... I got JUST the thing.

Mother Tumbler has changed the game for these beauties! With glass can tumblers — snow globe ready! They are the snow globe glass can tumblers and they come with a hole already ready at the bottom for you to fill with your magic mixture... which I will get to in a minute.

You know I love all my Mother Tumbler tumblers and there are a million choices when it comes to what they offer, the snow globe glass can tumbler is the newest, and the options for creating are MANY!

What to put on the Outside of the glass:

But filling these babies with glitter or gems or sprinkles or whatever will fit inside is SO much fun, I sometimes feel like a little scientist, which I kind of am after all the trials of what to put inside these glass snow globe-ready tumblers...

What to put on the inside of the glass:

My favorites are the baby oil because it's more forgiving of fine glitters so they don't clump up. Glycerin gives a nice medium flow. Glue and the magic solution give a slow flow.

Whichever option from Mother Tumbler you end up using you can't go wrong! Make sure to share your creations, I love to see what you make and RUN to get your hands on these Mother Tumbler snow globe glass can tumblers like immediately.

Pin this now to save for all of your creations later!

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In the e-mail that I received about these snow globes, the primary picture was a patterned vinyl with dogs and macaroons. I was wondering where you got it from. I love it!

Replying to

Hi! I love that vinyl! It was from Donkey Craft Vinyl on Etsy!

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