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Spring cleaning for your crafty handmade business

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Hey Babes!

Happy April! Since it's finally spring, I have started looking around my house and office and thinking, I have got to clean this place! And part of my spring cleaning every year also applies to my business. So in honor of your home spring cleaning we need to talk about spring cleaning for your crafting business, too!

Spring cleaning tips for your homemade business

Check expiration dates

We have all done it, forgot to check the expiration date on products and then wonder why things have mold on them or don't work. Believe it or not, glue actually has an expiration date (I learned that the hard way) and paint even in closed containers can dry out! So that's why around this time of the year I like to go through my glues and check to see if they are expired or about to and throw them away and purchase new ones. I also will go through all my paints, especially the ones I haven't used in a while to see if they are dried out or not.

Clean your glitter wall

If you have been around a bit then you know I LOVE my glitter wall! However, I sometimes don't use all of the glitter that I have. That is why I like to go through all the glitter that I own and see what I use a lot and what I don't. Then I will put that glitter in bins or give it to another crafting friend that I know will use the stuff that just hasn't excited me. I suggest that you do the same because I know some of that glitter you got on Black Friday that you said you were going to use is at the deep ends of your glitter wall!

Get your paperwork in order

If you are anything like me you didn't get into this crafting business to do paperwork. BUT we need to do it! We need to make sure that our inventory is accounted for and accurate. You don't want to be that business owner that says, oh I forgot I had that. So get out your favorite pen, put on some of your favorite music, and go through your crafting space and write down everything that you have in DETAIL!

Dust those bins and shelves

No matter how clean I think I keep my house and office space around this time of year I discover that it's not as clean as I think it is when it comes to dust. I am sure your house is the same way. When it comes to any sort of crafting, dust is the enemy. So get out your rags and clean EVERYTHING!


I am so excited for you to take on this new adventure, my friend! 2023 is going to be filled with tons of tutorials and DIY projects, so be sure to sign up with my newsletter to get a list of supplies you need to create your first epoxy free tumbler AND to be notified whenever I have a new project, tips, or tutorial to share with you!

Later Babes!

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