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Barbie Inspired Furniture with ColorShot

I LOVE upcycling and decorating and it was finally time to do my youngest daughter's room. Her favorite color is PINK and she needed an upgrade from her smaller toddler dresser to a larger dresser.

I found the PERFECT piece from my local Goodwill- it even came with an obscenity scratched into the top of it hahahahha- my husband and I &&& TikTok had a good laugh about that!

Once I sanded that word out and removed the hardware, cleaned and wiped the wood, I got to work prepping the base with white matte spray paint from ColorShot. I like to do this so my paint has a nice even colored surface and the pink will really pop!

After the white, I moved on to the pink- Farmer's Daughter- which is the perfect Barbie pink! Barbiecore is totally trending right now but also the love of pink runs in my family.

Once done with the pink I sealed everything in with the ColorShot clear gloss spray.

Let your piece cure up for 48hrs.

I decided to paint the hardware yellow so I used Emoji and Treasure Chest. Treasure Chest is a gorgeous gold metallic that I added on top of Emoji yellow- it added a glittery sheen that turned the hardware a mustard color. YES!

I also decided to do a golden yellow glitter inlay on the front of the small door on the dresser. I'm a firm believer that everything needs a little sparkle.

You can find ColorShot Spray Paints at your local Michaels, Walmart or Joanns!

A few more details on the room-

The vinyl rainbow, sun and You Are My Sunshine neon sign are all from Amazon.

I bought matching Mustard colored quilts, mustard metal bins and the sprinkle plush rug from Target.

I upcycled the picture frames using Island Girl ColorShot Spray Paint- they used to be gray!

I'm a big fan of designing on a dime & reworking with what I already have to make it look new and match my ever changing style!

Thank you ColorShot for working with me on this project!

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