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Beginner Friendly Projects with the Glowforge Aura

You have your new Glowforge Aura and now you're thinking- "What should I make first?"

Try out these super easy beginner friendly projects! They will still make a big impact but your Aura does all the work!!!

First up, Keychains!

I made these super cute keychains using the Proofgrade Light Walnut Plywood! The plywood come with a masking on each side to prevent any knicks or scratches. You can leave the wood as is, paint it OR glitter it like I did. I think the POP of color on the opposite side is just perfect! I used UV Resin to seal.

The Choose Kindness SVG is from my Creative Community file library and I put that on the hotel key blank from the Glowforge app. You can find many keychain templates right in the Glowforge app including the Be Kind keychains above!

Next up- Acrylic Monarch Butterflies!

These butterflies were so easy to make! I used the Proofgrade Eco Acrylic in black and orange. I ended up using some jump rings to make a pretty monarch butterfly wall hanging for my daughters room! Your Aura does ALL THE WORK! All you need to do is remove the masking, glue them together and string them up!

I can't wait to see your first projects with the Aura! Tag me on socials so I can see and share your pretty projects!

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