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Candy Resin Table

I've been experimenting with resin deep pours and have learned A LOT about the process! Making deep pours is so fun but time consuming- and this candy table is totally eye candy but if you were following along on TikTok or in my Creative Community than you know it took me awhile haha! Let's hop into the project details- YAY!

I got 2 giant silicon molds from Counter Culture DIY, one is a 12 inch mold that I used for a Craft Supply Lazy Susan and the other is this massive 18 inch round- I knew this would be PERFECT for a side table!

I grabbed a bunch of candy from Dollar Tree, last years Halloween haul leftovers &&& some fake candy and sprinkles from CCDIY and Glitter Heart Co.

I found these pink candy scoops at Dollar Tree and had a vision of candy looking like it was pouring out from inside of the scoop and when I got them home I knew it would work because my mold is 2" deep.

I decided to use CCDIYs Hard Cast resin because it works well in deep pours. For this Resin you use a 2:1 ration of part A and B, unlike other resins I've used where you need equal parts of each.

To start, I made sure the mold was dust free by running some painters tape along the inside of the mold to pick up any debris. I grabbed my respirator, nitrile gloves and mixing supplies and got to work. I mixed up 2 cups of resin and added in a white opal glitter, Hello Gorgeous, and poured that into the mold. I only wanted a little bit of glitter at the very bottom so that my sparkle element was there and the white would make the candy POP!

After the resin sat for a few minutes I began to strategically add my candy around the resin. No candy bled! Even the gum drops stayed bright and colorful! This resin has a fantastic bubble release but IF you have any bubbles, hit them with a heat gun and they should pop. I also ran a toothpick around the inside to get any hiding bubbles.

After 24hrs I did another coat of resin and added some more candy so there would be some dimension to the piece.

Somewhere in between coats I had to get more resin because this mold takes a lot to fill it up hahah!

I did about 4 coats, unmolded the piece and then sanded the edge where the resin was a little sharp and did a final doming coat over the whole piece. SHE'S A BEAUTY!

I originally had metal legs that I bought but it made the piece really heavy so by pure luck I had a pink metal stand for a table I bought from Walmart that fit the Candy Table Top perfectly! And the table stand was 3x LESS than the metal legs I bought so it was a win in my book!

Let me know what you think about this project and if you have any questions!

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