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Sweet & Spooky DIY Decor

I just love decorating for Halloween and these cute chunky wood blanks from Woodpeckers Crafts were so fun to create with!

Woodpeckers Crafts offers a variety of premium, pre-sanded wooden blanks for your crafty projects at an affordable price! I snagged their chunky ghosts, cupcakes and ice cream cones to make an array of Sweet & Spooky decor- but don't get any ideas, these eye candy treats can't be eaten haha!

Let's jump into our project details.


Woodpeckers blanks come pre-sanded so you can skip the step of sanding and hop right into painting your painting your pieces. I chose a color palette of orange, pink and lavender but you can do whichever colors you like.

Once your chunkies are dry you can use glue or a thin coat of UV resin to apply your glitter. Cure your UV resin with a UV light and then apply another coat or two of resin until your surface is nice and smooth.

Now that your chunkies are smooth you can add the fun details! I used pre piped whipped air dry clay on the cupcakes to make our frosting look real and give some dimension to our pieces. For the ice cream cones I used a bit of whipped clay and smoothed it out with my finger to give it the appearance of real ice cream.

While your clay is still wet, apply your faux sprinkles. Let dry.

Use acrylic paint or paint markers to add your details like ghost faces and the waffle pattern to the ice cream cones.

Optional- Add mirror tiles to the edges of the wooden chunkies to add some extra glam and sparkle!

Yay! You're done!

Make sure to tag @laurenquigleycreations and @woodpeckerscrafts in your projects! We would love to see!

Check out the full range of wooden blanks and supplies here-

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