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Craft Room Organization-How to Organize your Rhinestones

I LOVE to bling and my Rock Candy glass rhinestones, exclusively at the Glitter Heart Co., have been sitting in bins for over a year! They are sold in pretty holographic bags so what I would do in the past is stash them in giant plastic totes. Rock Candy is sold in Mixed Size, ss10, ss16 and ss20 so you can imagine just how many bags I had! Storing them this way was SUCH A HEADACHE because I would have to drag out a bin and start sifting through all the bags trying to find the colors and correct sizes I need...well, NO MORE! I finally decided to get organized and I headed out to Michaels in search of a solution to my dreaded heavy plastic bins.

My friends mom happened to be in town and she helped me scour the aisles and brainstorm about how exactly I wanted to store them. We finally decided on the Simply Tidy Storage Organizers. I got packs of the 12 jars w/ screw top lids size 1.37 in x 1.9 in & packs of the 24 jars with screw top lids size 1.37 in x .8 in. Each pack of screw top jars comes in its own plastic bin and two of the 12 pack jars fit perfectly on top of the 24 pack jars. This makes storing them so easy and I can keep the colors separated by size.

Pour each color and size into the jars. The small jars hold the smaller size stones and the larger 1.37 in x 1.9 in jars hold the ss16 stones. The ss20 stones don't quite fit a bag of 1500 stones so I keep those in their bags but now I only have one of each color stored away in a bin instead of 5. I was also able to downsize my large plastic bin to a smaller one that fits inside of my storage shelf.

I wanted to keep the original sticker with the name and size of each stone so I used a heat gun to heat up the label so I could peel it up easier and stick it to the bottom of each little jar. The bottoms fit the labels perfectly!

I'm MUCH happier with this storage solution and can easily see all my colors inside of the clear jars instead of tossed into my tote!

Grab the jars from Michaels stores in person or online! Snag my Rock Candy by Lauren Quigley at Glitter Heart Co and at Michaels Online!

Happy Crafting Babes!

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