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DIY Glitter Snow Globe Party!

Babes! I had the best time putting on a fabulous Birthday PARTYYYYY for my mini! It was seriously a blast and the best part was hearing "This is the best party I've ever been to!" from her friends! I had each girl make their very own GLITTER snow globe tumbler! And while a bunch of 8yr olds surrounded by glitter may sound scary to some, it was actually quite easy to clean up!

Let's get into it!

What you'll need:

I planned in advance for this party and asked all the parents for their child's favorite colors so I could personalize their tumblers beforehand.

My daughter picked out Alexia Bright font from Creative Fabrica to use on all the tumblers and I think she made a great choice! We chose our vinyl colors and got to cutting using my Cricut Explore 3. Usually vinyl day is my least favorite day but I really did enjoy hanging out with my mini while we cut and weeded the vinyl ( I made her help me, haha!).

Once the vinyl was on the tumblers I did my quick trick with UV Resin around the very top seam to make sure they wouldn't leak on us. You can find that tip HERE.

I used the tumblers as a place setting for the girls at the dining room table and made a little Glitter Bar so they could mix their own glitter mix.

PRO TIP: use disposable table cloths so you can wrap everything up at the end of the party! This came in clutch and all I needed to do was vaccuum a tiny bit and the glitter was all cleaned up. Also, I use a hand held Dyson vacuum and it's SO GREAT with getting up glitter!

The kids put their glitter into the bottom of their tumblers and I assisted just a little bit. Once they were done I took the tumblers to fill up with my magical solution and distilled water and sealed the bottoms with some UV Resin all while they played.

I wish I got a better picture of them all finished and together but the girls were SO EXCITED to use them.

I HIGHLY recommend having a tumbler party- you won't regret it!

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