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DIY Pegboard Craft Cart

Crafty Babes, this little project of mine got quite the attention and I see why! I LOVE to craft in different areas of my studio and I'm always moving around and struggling to find supplies I leave out. This DIY Pegboard Craft Cart was the perfect solution for me!

One day while scrolling TikTok, I saw a stand at a craft market that Elle Shop Creates had made to hold her handmade goodies at her booth- I IMMEDIATELY thought- "I NEED THAT FOR MY ART STUDIO!"

I tweaked a few things to make the idea work for my space.

Quick Links!

I had this laundry cart that I bought from Amazon with the bars already attached at the top.

I grabbed a pegboard from Home Depot and had my husband cut it down to size and I painted it pink using the Pink Pazazz Flip N Awesome paint from the Crystalac Company.

Once that was dry I used zip ties to attach the pegboard to the cart.

The opposite side of the peg board needed something so I was thinking of adding poster board that I could switch out as a photography backdrop BUT I remembered I had some shimmer tiles from my daughter's birthday party. I added 6 of those to the back and TA-DAAAAAAAA! Perfect mobile photography backdrop! I'm always taking pictures of my tumblers and thought this was perfect!

I also added pink bins from Michaels to store my vinyl rolls, and placed my Cricut Easy Press & Mug Press on the bottom basket for easy storage.

I added a 15ft Pink Extension cord so I can plug in my tools wherever I need them! This is SO HANDY because I always need to use my hot glue gun, heat gun or UV light.

Let me know what you think about this super easy DIY!

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