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How to get the PERFECT Tie-Dye Spiral

I recently threw my daughter her 8th birthday party and it was EPIC and full of DIYs!

The first DIY I did for her party was to make every girl a simple spiral Tie Dye t-shirt! They are sooooo easy to make so let's get into it!

I grabbed my supplies from Michael's and even caught an awesome sale on their blank Makers Market t-shirts! Yay!

You'll need

  • Blank t-shirts

  • Tulip Tie dye kits (these awesome kits include the rubber bands, gloves and bottles with dye)

  • Vinyl for decoration (I used Cricut Glow in the Dark HTV and Cricut Glitter HTV)

Tag all the stickers and tags off of your t-shirts and get them nice and damp. I do this by filling my sink and running warm water over all the shirts, then wringing them out and setting aside.

Grab a shirt and lay it out on a nice clean surface

Pinch a little above the middle of the shirt and start to twist in a clockwise motion

Continue to twist and gather the folds into a circular shape

Once you have your perfect circle (nothings perfect so don't worry if yours isn't haha!), you can start to add your rubber bands. I usually do 2 or 3 but for this specific shirt I added 2 so I would have 4 quarters.

Next up- Tie dyeeeee! The Tulip kit's are super easy to use and come with the dye powder already in the squeeze bottles so all you have to do is add warm water up to the fill line and gently swish back and forth to mix.

I placed my first shirt on a plastic dollar tree tray on top of some scrunched up tin foil to keep the shirt elevated so my dye wouldn't pool at the bottom and make the shirts "muddy" looking.

Start to squeeze out the dye onto each quarter. Flip and do the other side. Make sure to not saturate the shirts too much or else the colors may get muddy.

Flip and do the other side. Cover with plastic or gently place in a plastic bag.

Let them set out for about 8hrs or overnight for best colors- less time if you prefer a pastel look.

I rinsed my shirts in cool water until the water ran clear and then I hauled everything over to my washing machine and ran them through a cool rinse cycle.

Tumble dry LOWWWWW- you don't want your cotton to shrink- or maybe you do! In that case use a normal heat setting.

In total I made 15 Tie Dye shirts, each with a super easy spiral! Then I personalized the shirts with my Cricut Explore to say "Slumber Squad". I used Glow in the Dark Cricut HTV and Cricut Glitter HTV- this combo was so wonderful and it GLOWED so bright come nighttime.

Make sure to let me know what you think about this project!

As always, Happy Crafting Beautiful Babes!

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