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How to Powerwash a Tumbler with ColorShot Spray Paints

Want to add some color and excitement to your glitter tumblers!?

Well, look no further, babe! I'm here to show you how to make your own Powerwash tumbler using ColorShot Spray Paints.

Let's get started on the steps. Spray paint your tumbler in your colorful design, I chose a pretty rainbow swirl using the colors

  • Farmer's Daughter

  • Orange Slice

  • Emoji

  • With A Twist

  • Island Girl

  • Aromatherapy

Once your initial design is dry use the ColorShot Clear Gloss spray paint to create a glossy finish. This step helps make a smooth finish for your Dawn Powerwash to rinse off of.

Next up, spray on your Dawn Powerwash. The more soap, the MORE you will see your design underneath once you rinse off your paint in the next step. Keep this in mind when determining how much soap to spray on. I love to get the look rain droplets so I spray my soap at a distance instead of up close. This is a fun design to play around with because no two are exactly alike!

Immediately spray on your white ColorShot Spray Paint after your soap and rinse rinse rinse! Use a gentle shower stream instead of a harsh jet stream for best results.


You can blow or shake off the excess water droplets and once dry, you are ready to seal with your top coat of choice!

I recommend an epoxy or epoxy-free top coat! Add in some shimmer by mixing in some glitter- because you know I LOVE GLITTER!

Try creating your own Powerwash Tumbler because it's FUN, unique and an easy way to add some color and dimension into your tumbler designs! And with ColorShot Spray Paints, the possibilities are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Walmart or Michaels and grab some ColorShot Spray Paints to make your very own Powerwash tumbler today!

Don't forget to share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #mycolorshot and tagging us @laurenquigleycreations and @mycolorshot!

Happy crafting!


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