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Vinyls 101: How to Use Vinyls for Your Tumblers

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But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

I have been planning out some content and what the year looks like, listening to requests, and filling in some things missing. So, going back to some basics, something we sometimes forget to explore and talk about is the stuff we have to learn by trial and error. For those of you that use vinyl, transfer tape, and your Cricut, I just want to review some of the vinyl tips and tricks for applying vinyl, and what I stick to as far as techniques go to help you not waste any materials of your own.

Vinyl 101 : Lauren Quigley Creations

What is Vinyl?

In the crafting community, Vinyl is a pretty common, universal, and multipurpose craft product. There are so many types of vinyl, there are so many ways to use it, and there are so many options and brands, and rules! It can be overwhelming and I just wanna start the year off with some of those basics, and that means I wanna share some tips and tricks for vinyl... specifically today, Permanent Vinyl. Permanent Vinyl is an adhesive vinyl that typically comes on a sheet or roll and can be die-cut or cut by hand. It has a backing that it is peeled off of and you attached it to things to customize and personalize the things you love. I do this often with the tumblers, but it has SO SO SO many more uses. Sidenote: Weeding vinyl is pulling out the pieces of vinyl that aren't going to be on your project. The little useless pieces like inside the letter D or B... and such.

What you need to use Permanent Vinyl

In order to best use Permanent Vinyl you need a few things

  • Transfer Tape This is used to transfer your weeded creation to where you want to apply it.

  • Weeding Tools These are used to peel the pieces of vinyl that aren't a part of the design of your backing.

  • Cricut This is a die-cutting machine that can cut custom designs on your vinyl.

  • Applicator Tool Something as simple as a credit card can work, but of course, you can buy simple tools designed specifically for helping you get a smooth bubble-free vinyl application.

Shop Vinyl from my favorite shops:

Vinyl 101 : Lauren Quigley Creations

Why Vinyl?

As I said, we use it mostly to customize things, but also we use it for stencils, straight lines, and different techniques all over the craft room and craft projects!

Most of you probably already know permanent vinyl comes in all types: solids, glitters, patterns, foils, metallics, and ALL the options. I LOVE options and I love that if I want it, I can probably find it somewhere. Chalkboard vinyl, mirror vinyl... literally endless list of options, which just makes it all so much fun to play and create with!

Vinyl 101 : Lauren Quigley Creations

Which Vinyl?

The first time I used vinyl before I did tumblers, I was a deer in headlights. I had no idea what was what, and I couldn't have told you the difference between, removable, permanent, and HTV. I also didn't think or know that there is a difference between vinyl and brands, as far as quality is concerned. Not all vinyl is created equal. I personally prefer a thinner vinyl, with a little stretch, easy to weed, and easy to work with all around. This is why getting my vinyl from The Vinyl People is my go-to spot.

Vinyl 101 : Lauren Quigley Creations

Vinyl Time-Saving Techniques

As far as two of my favorite techniques I use:

1) Tip for Glitter (or textured) Vinyl

Sometimes glitter vinyl requires a higher tack transfer tape, so one easy trick that was a life safer and time saver I love to use is that once you have weeded your textured vinyl, attach the transfer tape as you normally would, then flip it over and roll a roller over the back. Then peel the backing of the vinyl off leaving the cut vinyl attached to the transfer tape.

2) Detailed Weeding Tip Another time saver tip I wanna share is the reverse weed method. Before weeding, put the transfer tape on your design and peel back the vinyl backing and weed directly from your transfer tape. Or even better yet, depending what surface you're attaching your vinyl too, you can weed directly off of your project.

Vinyl 101 : Lauren Quigley Creations

There are so many more little things to help you along the way, Which is exactly why I created my Creative Community. Having a place to go to for all the little tips, and all the big questions, we are here for it all.

I needed to surround myself with other creatives to learn new tricks, be inspired, get motivated, help motivate and just be there with like-minded creative souls who understand the struggle and JOY that creating can bring! I hope these little tips helped, and a trip down the Basics of Vinyl was a good refresher! If you have your own time savers, please share, I always wanna here new ways to save time, materials/products!


Again, I am so excited for you to take on this new adventure, my friend! 2023 is going to be filled with tons of tutorials and DIY projects, so be sure to sign up with my newsletter to get a list of supplies you need to create your first epoxy free tumbler AND to be notified whenever I have a new project, tips, or tutorial to share with you!

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