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Personalized Dollar Tree Sunglasses: The Perfect Party Favor for a Birthday Bash!

My daughter's birthday party had so many cute DIYs- and this one stirred up a lot of attention! We made personalized sunglasses for all of her friends using blanks from the Dollar Tree; but not just any blanks, haha, these came from the bridal section and said Bride on them!

I really loved the shape of the glasses and knew they would make a fun, inexpensive party favor so I bought what the store had left and set off to find a way to scrape "Bride" off of them.

I found that if you use a little acetone and a straight razor, you can scrape the word off and clean up all the white scrapings. So easy! So, my mini and I got to creating. We pulled out my Pearl & Bling mixes from Glitter Heart Co and got work! Here's how we did it and what you'll need.


My glue of choice for my flatback pearls and rhinestones is Liquid Fusion. You don't need a lot of glue, just a little bit! We started by gluing the alphabet names to the sunglasses and then going around with a variety of flatback pearls and bling. I let me mini take over from there and she so much fun making these for her friends!

They came out so cute in the end and the girls LOVED them! This would even make for a fun project during the party BUT we already had a bunch of other activities going on!

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