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Resin Glitter Rainbow DIY

Are you ready for a fun and colorful project that will FOR SURE brighten up your day? Then let's talk about making a resin inlaid rainbow with the Glitter Heart Company Iced Glitter Collection!

I asked in my group and in my Glitter Babe Instagram Channel which glitter collection we should use and the ICED collection won by a landslide! I was secretly hoping you would pick that one!

I found this wooden rainbow at a new store called POP Shelf for only $12. This store is like an upgraded dollar store and I'M HERE FOR IT! As soon as I saw this piece I already knew I had to add some color and make it amazing!

To get started, you'll need some epoxy resin, the Iced glitter collection , tools for mixing your epoxy and paint colors to base paint your rainbow ( I used a mix of CCDIY Color Blast Stains & Crystalac Company FlipN Awesome Paints!

First, gather all of your materials and prepare a clean and level workspace.

Paint each individual row in your rainbow the color of your choice.

Once everything is dry, mix your epoxy resin following the instructions on the packaging. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area and wear nitrile gloves to protect your hands. I worked in my garage and she-shed!

Now it's time to add some sparkle to your rainbow! Separate your epoxy into 8 cups, grab your favorite colors from the Glitter Heart Iced Glitter Collection and add them to your resin mix. Mix everything well until all the glitter is evenly distributed.

Next, pour your glittery resin into each rainbow row, filling each section with the desired glitter color. After all the sections are filled, use a lighter or torch to smooth out the surface and remove any air bubbles.

Once the resin has cured you can add your 2nd coat of resin to the top to give it that added depth and dimension. I painted the outside of the rainbow white and added some super cure black dots! It really brought the piece together.

This project is perfect for adding some fun and color to any room in your home. This beauty will hang in my kids play area- it's the perfect touch! So go ahead and grab some glitter and start creating your very own rainbow masterpiece with the Glitter Heart Company Iced Glitter Collection – you won't regret it!

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