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The Best Holiday Gift List for Tumbler Makers and DIY Crafters

This post may contain affiliate links for which I get a small commission if you click or purchase.

But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes,

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving week last week! Black Friday is over, Small Biz Saturday is over, and Cyber Monday will end soon. Holiday sales are great and fun but I want to share with you The Best Holiday Gift List for Tumbler Makers and DIY Crafters or Yourself. #treatyoself.

I use these all year round for supplies... whether it is for the holidays, for crafting, for tumbler making, for all the DIY things that make sense for creators like me and you!

All of these brands and products I talk about below you can find all over my Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook pages/group and anywhere else you see me posting content, I LOVE these brands, businesses, and products!

Let's start it off right with Mother Tumbler, you already know this is MY tumbler supplier for all the tumblers. This is a great gift to put on your wishlist this year. There are a ton of selections to choose from and you can try different sizes and styles for all your tumbler making. My ALL time fav is the skinny AF tumbler!

Of course, use my link here to get 5% off.

And what goes perfectly on those tumblers from Mother tumbler? Read below to find out!

Mother Tumbler Logo for Lauren Quigley

GLITTER and bling from Glitter Heart CO of course! You know it is my fav, and I have the best collection of all the glitters and rock candy! My rock candy collection is on the site and I can't get enough of any of these products, ever. Every box from Glitter Heart Co is a magical box of sparkle and Shine! Use Code: LAURENQ15 to save at Glitter Heart CO.

Once you have your tumbler and glitter/bling, it only makes sense to pair it with some pretty patterned vinyl, and you KNOW your girl gets it from...The Vinyl People! Always cute, always on trend, and always amazing! Great selection and perfect pairings with the glitter from Glitter Heart Co Use Code: LQCREATES to save at The Vinyl People.

Alright making my way down the list, now that your Tumbler is looking GORGEOUS with the glitter and vinyl, let's add even more shimmer with some shiny and pretty AF FOILS from.... Artistic Painting Studio, the options are so fun and again... pair perfectly with everything else!

For those fine details and hand-drawn textures, shapes, and lines, don't forget to always have on hand is, Arteza acrylic paint pens, legit the best, whether it is the fine tip or thick, metallic or chalk, they are my go-to always perfect for adding that special touch or pop!

And now, you know me, and my epoxy-free tumblers and crafts, I wouldn't be where I am without finding my favorite epoxy-free resin from The CrystaLac Store, now using Grand Finale 2.0 to finish off everything for that high gloss finished shine while being safe and best of all quick drying!

Along those same lines, I LOVE UV resin, and get mine from Counter Culter DIY, so great for attaching embellishments, sealing snow globe tumblers, and just the perfect adhere for any crazy fun ideas I come up with!

And last but not least, the tumbler turner on Amazon, a craft room staple, and the tumbler grip inserts

Thanks, babes, for your support! I hope you love these brands and products as much as I do!

I am creating non-stop this holiday season and am living for it! Love the projects I see you guys creating as well, make sure to tag me so I can see all your creations using the products and brands I love!

Be sure to pin this inspiration!

DIY ColorShot Christmas Ornaments Lauren Quigley

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