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Back to School Tumbler Ideas + My Favorites from Creators!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links for which I get a small commission if you click or purchase.

But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

Back to school is rapidly approaching (not that I'm counting down the days or anything...) and I have already seen some amazing back to school tumbler ideas floating around from followers and fellow creators. I also made a super cute composition notebook style tumbler, which you can check out below!

Back to school is such a fun time in our house. Not only do I feel like I get a little bit of sanity back with most of the kids in school, but I also love to create one of a kind styles and looks for the kids and to celebrate all the hard work that their teachers put in each and every year.

Honestly, I don't know how these teachers do it. When kids are home during the summer I constantly think about how these women and men are pure SAINTS.

And you know what teachers need a lot of? Coffee. And what better way to give them a little pep in their step and joy in their mornings than drinking from a customized back to school tumbler?

I have several creator friends that either currently are still teachers or were teachers once upon a time. And I LOVE what they do with their back to school products. From beautiful tumblers to decked out school supplies, these ladies are amazing in what they do and the things they create! Take a look below at some of my favorite back to school tumbler ideas and makers!

Featured Back to School Tumbler Makers

Embellished Education

Embellished Education is owned by Jessica, who is an an incredibly talented maker! She has an entire line of school-related products, as well as a ton of other amazing products like a fun Wizard Collection for all those Harry Potter lovers, Magical Collection for those that love Disney (hello Tangled and genie lamp-themed earrings!), tumblers, decor, and digital downloads galore!

But in terms of back to school items, Jessica's most popular items include her teacher and school-themed earrings as well as her Dry Erase Board Erasers (which are SOLD OUT right now but keep checking back- they sell super fast!).

Just take a look at a few of her amazing designs- and order NOW because her turnaround time is 2-3 weeks and everything sells out really, really quickly!


Crafting by Mayra

Crafting by Mayra is owned by fellow creator, Mayra. She makes these amazing and adorable embellished staplers that are just perfect for teachers! They are all available on pre-order and you can even personalize them! There are a bunch of different options but my personal favorites are the Elmer Glue style and the Crayola style!

Crafting by Mayra also has some adorable Crayola-inspired tumblers, and she has a new product launch of back to school tumblers, erasers, and tape dispensers coming at the end of the month!


Teach Over the Rainbow

Teach Over the Rainbow is owned by Army-veteran turned teacher turned MAKER!, Brooke. All of her products are school themed, including tumblers, erasers, and tees! But my favorite is her Happy Journaling lanyard. With this lanyard teachers can keep their badges, favorite pens, and passes secured to them at all times all while having a fun, school-themed look!

She also has several other back to school themed products that I just love including tumblers, mousepads, and coasters!


Things I Love for Back to School Tumbler Ideas

Of course, I can't start the back to school season without some back to school tumbler ideas and products of my own to share with you! I recently created this cool composition notebook tumbler:

This was a super fun twist on the traditional composition book tumbler. I used the Neapolitan glitter from Glitter Heart Co instead of the normal black and white, and adding in a little pop of Rose Gold for an added twist! The tumbler I used was my favorite from Mother Tumbler- the Straight AF 16oz.

The Composition Book StickerCal used in this tumbler is from BAMF Custom Creations!

*Psst- see IG caption for codes from Mother Tumbler, Glitter Heart Co., and BAMF for special discounts!

I also love this tumbler that was created by my friend, Brooke, from Teach Over the Rainbow. She used my line of Auntie Tay vinyls to create this cool pencil rainbow tumbler, perfect for back to school!

You can find the Auntie Tay Vinyl she used here.

And the Pencil Rainbow template comes from Brave Danger designs!


Ready to create your own back to school tumblers or other back to school products? Here are some of my favorite back to school tumbler products and items I love to use or that some of my favorite makers have used!

Paint Between Dreams

This patterned vinyl and PNG from Paint Between Dreams is perfect for back to school tumblers. The patterned vinyl is COMING SOON to North Eighty, but the PNG is available as a digital download from the Paint Between Dreams website.

It can be used for either sublimation or waterslides!

Pens and Glitter Sets

Another really fun design to do for back to school besides tumblers are custom glitter pens. Many people love to purchase these as gifts, so they are a great project to do as a creator!

You can purchase blank metal pens like these from Glitter Heart Co.

And then you can use this Pencil Glitter Set from Glitter Heart Co. to design your custom pens!


I love creating unique, one of a kind items for my kids and their teachers during the back to school season. And all of these products and makers I shared are not only great for back to school, but really any holiday during the school year where you want to celebrate or gift the teachers in your life!

Be sure to give all my ladies above a follow on IG and check out their websites. And tag me on IG with your back to school tumbler ideas and other back to school creations!

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