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My All-Time Favorite Products for Tumbler Making

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links for which I get a small commission if you click or purchase. But don't worry — I would never recommend something I don't totally love or use myself!

Hey Babes!

If you are part of my Creative CommUNITY or follow me on social media, you know that I have some favorite products for tumbler making that I use all.the.time. Even though I didn't start out as a tumbler making in terms of my art career, it is something that I have come to love and it is my number one creative product that I sell online at my store as well as teach others how to create themselves through my Creative CommUNITY.

There are so many products I use on the daily and that I love. If you know anything about me (or my tumblers) I love bright colors and lots of texture. In fact, one of my favorite designs is full of bright colors and texture (it's also one we made LIVE in my Creative CommUNITY!).

From vinyls to tools to stickercals to tumblers themselves, I have my favorites. And if you're new to the tumbler-making business, this post is a great place to start in finding high quality, reliable products that will help bring your tumbler making business to the next level.


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My Favorite Products for Tumbler Making

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty with my favorite products for tumbler making, let's talk about the things you're going to need to even start creating tumblers.

You can find all my favorite tumbler making products on My Favorites page but here is a short list of some of my all-time favs that I use just about every time I work on creating new tumblers.

Products for Tumbler Making- Lauren Quigley Creations

The Crystalac Brite Tone is the top coat I use for ev.ery.thing. It is smooth and easy to use, and it really brings the tumblers to life once I have designed them.

Products for Tumbler Making- Lauren Quigley Creations

Blank tumblers and other products that are used as blank canvases for your creativity. My favorite tumblers from the Mother Tumbler line are the Straight AF, in any size. They are perfect for full vinyl wraps and they are my go-to for tumbler making!

Products for Tumbler Making- Lauren Quigley Creations

My custom line of glitters and bling is available with Glitter Heart Co but I love all of their products. Their glitter and bling will help bring your tumblers to life, and I use them almost daily. My favorite color is Hello Gorgeous but check out all my colors in my Retro Rainbow Glitter Set.

Products for Tumbler Making- Lauren Quigley Creations

My favorite vinyl to use on my tumblers comes from The Vinyl People. These vinyls are a great basis for your tumblers and they have hundreds of patterns for all different occasions and designs! My favorites are the Holographic line and the Opal line!

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One of my most popular tutorials was this mug created with Arteza Fine Tip pens. Check it out above and shop Arteza products below!

My Auntie Tay Vinyls line are one of my favorite products for making tumblers! All my vinyls are true to my brand- bright, colorful, and fun! But they have so many available on their website so be sure to check them all out!

Creative Fabrica is my go-to for fonts and creative assets. There are so many styles and designs to choose from that its often hard to figure out which one will work best for the tumbler I'm designing! Go check them out for a little inspo.

Another great place for vinyls, The Vinyl People are often my go-to for plain vinyls in metallic, glitter, or just normal- this way I can add my own pizazz to my tumblers!

Whenever I'm looking to use foils, I hit up Artistic Paint Studio. They have some of my favorite foil designs and colors, and I love using them on my different tumblers.

My Amazon Store

A good place to start is my Amazon store. Here I have listed all.the.things you need to get started in creating your first tumbler to include tools, sublimation items, and things you didn't even know you needed to create beautiful, high-quality tumblers. Here are some of my must-haves:

I love this cup turner from MiLefo! It's one of my favorites and the biggest reason is that the arm is easy removable. There is no screw for it like other cup turners, making it easy to get your tumbler off the turner without damaging your design.

I love Hayes Waterslide Paper, and I work with it alot. Pro-tip- If you are using an inkjet printer, you have to seal the waterslide paper. My favorite sealant for the Hayes Waterslide Paper is the Clear Restoleum Spray Paint and Clear Plastidip.

These water-based Bombay inks are wonderful for making swirls on your tumblers. Once they are dry, they are completely waterproof! They work amazingly with Crystalac Brite Tone since Brite Tone is a water-based product. They won't bleed on you after they are dry (hallelujah!)

Sure, you can use the tweexy Nail Polish holder to change your nail color. But I like to use it for weeding my vinyl because it collects the vinyl scraps while you're weeding your vinyl. It's a super handy gadget to have on hand.

I have so many more tumbler making products (and other fun stuff!) in my Amazon store, too. Check out everything here:


I hope my list of my favorite tumbler making products helps you really get in the groove of designing your very own tumblers. I use these products all myself, and that's why I'm recommending them to you!

You can see all my favorite products for tumbler making on My Favorites Thing page. And be sure to follow me on Insta and TikTok for more tumbler inspo, or (and even better!) join my Creative CommUNITY so you can be a part of monthly challenges, daily inspiration from other Glitter Babes, and learn some of my favorite techniques for making tumblers.

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